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Move. Manage. Innovate.


In today’s on-demand world of logistics, our clients not only rise to the challenges of supply chain
management, they anticipate what’s next. Partner with NCC Logistics to develop custom solutions for
every area of your supply chain.


Our clients move product faster and smarter. It’s a point of pride at NCC Logistics. Whether it’s through
our dedicated fleet or top-level brokerage, we deliver results with the efficiency and fluidity necessary
for supply chain success.

Meeting the Demands of Modern-Day Brokerage

Move through even the most challenging shipping situations with our full-service multimodal brokerage solutions. We provide the options you need to get ship done:

– Choose between transactional or contractual brokerage
– Address any shipping need with our full multimodal capacity
– Ship anywhere with our extensive North American Partner Carrier Network

Full Throttle Brokerage With Trimble TruckMate TMS

We run our brokerage on Trimble TruckMate, one of the industry’s best TMS platforms. With access to hundreds of thousands of trucks invisible to the rest of the market, you get better capacity, pricing, and shipment visibility than the competition.

Ship your goods, track them at all times, and know they’re in safe hands. We’ve got serious history with controlling costs, creating efficiency, and granting that ever-elusive supply-chain peace of mind.

– Full EDI – Access online tracking and receive automated status updates. You’re never in the dark.
– Dedicated Support Our support team excels at solving transportation issues created by supply-chain disruptions. Whatever happens, we’ll keep you covered.
– Safety First – Ship with a safe, compliant capacity network full of carriers that pass a mean screening process.

We drive down costs with proprietary pricing and matching algorithms for optimal carrier selection. Access to our vast carrier network also creates more opportunities to save.

– Tap into hidden capacity that may not be available on load boards
– Access to more capacity, lowering your freight spend
– Avoid the “capacity competition” and price hikes of basic TMS platforms

Explore Our Modes

We take the complicated out of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. From choosing the right LTL carrier
to making sure it gets to its destination on time and at the lowest cost, we’ve got your back.

Combining short over-the-road (OTR) hauls and rail can be a cost-effective way to move goods. Simplify your intermodal shipments, stay in communication during the move, and leverage strong relationshipswith top carriers.

From keeping lettuce fresh to protecting vital prescriptions from expiring, you can’t just leave it to any 3PL when temperature regulation is crucial. Our network of temperature-controlled carriers are experts at moving sensitive goods with care.

Whether it’s awkward or gargantuan, our experts help you find the best fit for your goods, no matter the size or weight. Gain peace of mind that your shipment will get to its destination.

Using our vast network of 16K+ carriers, we secure equipment, provide safe and timely dry van transport, and maintain constant communication with our customers.

Never pay extra for shipping partials or hold up deliveries because there isn’t enough to put on a truck. We identify nearby consolidation opportunities to help lower your costs and create efficiency.

For time-sensitive shipments we’re ready to offer a complete range of one-stop-shop for airfreight services and related products.

Documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, trucking and inland freight services, booking arrangements, cargo insurance , crating and packing, tracking & tracing;

Door-to-door, Airport-to-Door, Airport-to-Airport;

Competitive rates – we utilize hundreds of airline flights daily and you don’t have to be limited to designated pickup or delivery times

We offer full service, door-to-door delivery of your goods to and from anywhere in the world. Our experienced ocean freight team offer excellent customer service to you when it comes to quotes, bookings, cargo pickup, documentation preparation, container loading, shipment updates, and customs clearance.


As a diverse 3PL, we attack every angle of the supply-chain process. We examine, discover, and partner with you to implement superior solutions. No matter where you fall, we’re positive we can help you meet your challenges head-on.

We’re Not Your Typical 3PL

As a diverse 3PL, we attack every angle of the supply-chain process. We examine, discover, and partner with you to implement superior solutions. No matter where you fall, we’re positive we can help you meet your challenges head-on.

What We Manage

You want absolute command of your freight. NCC Logistics introduces efficiencies, weeds out hidden costs, and applies processes, people, and tech to give you just that kind of control.

Flexible Freight Management

We’ll position you to master your freight management (or we’ll manage it for you). Either way, you’ll cut costs, eliminate waste, and simplify processes.

LTL Consolidation

Does your shipping volume need less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments? NCC Logistics produces:

– Lowered costs and increased efficiency by consolidating LTL shipments
– Aggregate shipments and contract carrier equipment
– Unlimited consolidation options

We anchor our consolidation services in Chicago, one of the highest velocity markets in the US.
Interested in more LTL services?

Keep ahead of the competition and customer demand with our cost-effective distribution services and last-mile white glove delivery.

Pooled distribution may be great for you if you’re distributing or delivering to numerous destination points within a specific area, all originating from the same place.

NCC Logistics helps clients:

– Reduce transit times
– Maintain shipment integrity
– Reduce claim potential due to less handling
– Pull orders by ship date versus order date
– Create significant discounts over LTL rates
– We specialize in pooled distribution in the SoCal and Midwest markets.

Our final-mile services range from drop-off to appointment generated white-glove deliveries. No requirements are too great. We can meet whatever special needs you have.

The NCC Logistics Difference.

We help our clients free up precious facility space and support unique situations: promotional events, temporary overflow, and seasonal distribution needs.

View real-time inventory and order status with our warehouse management system (WMS). Access your
data online and get notifications of shipment status, stock status, what’s allocated, on-hand, etc.

Our facilities are TSA & FDA approved. They’re clean, modern, loading dock equipped, and meet the most demanding requirements. Primary facilities are in Carol Stream, IL and El Paso, TX (but we can help you anywhere through partner providers).

-24-Hour Customer Support
– Cross-Dock Services
– Specialized Equipment
– Consolidated Freight Solutions
– Pooled Distribution
– Last Mile Delivery
– Expedited, Team-Based Service
– Local Pop-Up Fleets

Freight Management That Goes the Distance

Uncover the potential hiding in your freight operations. You might need help with LTL payments, or with consolidation. Whatever freighting obstacles arise, NCC Logistics is an expert in tailoring the right

For as much or as little as you need, NCC Logistics customizes freight management programs that fit.

We understand that not every business needs the same thing and our model is built to develop tailored
solutions for your company.  The result: a flexible freight management solution that’s custom built with
you, and for you. 

For as much, or as little as you need, NCC Logistics’ managed services team is here to help. Our flexible
freight management model is designed around your business. We customize a solution specific to your requirements, cutting out everything you don’t need along the way.

LTL Freight Management

From procurement to payments, we help you with every part of the LTL freight management process.

Partner with NCC Logistics and take the hassle out of your less-than-truckload operation.

LTL freight presents a real challenge. It can be one of your most costly modes and add significant stress to your operation. With over $500M in annual freight spend, we’ve developed the processes and systems to help our clients master LTL freight.

Let’s modernize your LTL supply chains from start to finish. From order entry and carrier selection to
shipment visibility and payments, we can help manage the entire process. Drive down costs and stay in control of your LTL.

Thousands in potential savings lie hidden in your LTL freight process. From carrier bidding to freight cost recovery, we can uncover savings across your entire operation.

Putting LTL Costs Back on Your Bottom Line.

With LTL, savings hide in the gritty details. Our clients drive significant savings and improve continually with the absolute best talent and tech in the business.

Refine your LTL buying and shipping and maximize savings. Our solutions are so effective, they pay for themselves. Clients recover NCC Logistics’s costs from the savings we generate for them. A better solution with lower costs? It’s hard to top that.

Truckload Freight Management

A good broker finds the sweet spot for every shipper and the right carrier for each lane. Get the rightmix of capacity, service, and support you need.

Warehousing & Distribution

Whether you need to store, pack, or ship; we handle it all and everything in between.

Running warehouses and distributing goods takes a mighty toll. NCC Logistics welcomes the burden.
Give us your most complex distribution predicaments, and we’ll find a flexible solution. Whether you need to store, pack, or ship; we handle it all and everything in between. Manage With Us

Warehousing and distribution can create complications in running a business. NCC Logistics solves the challenges of W&D and helps clients avoid building facilities, maintaining staff, creating tech solutions, and incurring overhead.

Our W&D services work hand-in-hand for precise solutions. Only need storage options? Handling or labeling? Pick/pack or order fulfillment? Just transport? Whatever your needs, we can customize a solution.

Store, pack, and ship like a 30-year logistics veteran. By working with NCC Logistics, that’s what you’ll be.

Facility-Based Services

Lower your rates, shorten transit times, and better handle your freight. Optimize your resources with our state-of-the-art warehousing solutions:

Shared Contract Warehousing

Sharing is caring (about your resources). Using shared warehousing with multiple NCC Logistics clients makes your logistics strategy flexible, integrated, and cost-competitive.

Cross-Dock Service

Eliminate storage and labor costs and route inventory where it’s needed (even when shipments are already in transit). Shorten delivery lead times and keep inventory moving.

Extra Warehousing Services

- Reverse Logistics- Pick & Pack- Kitting- Decontainerization- Project Logistics

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